VLDB 2020 Tokyo 46th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

VLDB2020: Accepted Papers

PhD Workshop

  1. Complex Event Processing in Data Management Systems for the Internet of Things, Ariane Ziehn (DFKI GmbH)
  2. (Artificial) Mind over Matter: Humans In and Humans Out in Matching, Roee Shraga (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
  3. Redesigning Query Engines for White-box Compression, Diego Tome (CWI)
  4. Complex Event Processing on Real-time Video Streams, Ziyu Li (Delft University of Technology)
  5. Tunable Streaming Graph Embeddings at Scale, Serafeim Papadias (TU Berlin)
  6. AlphaJoin: Join Order Selection a la AlphaGo, Ji Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
  7. Robust and Fair Algorithms for Data Cleaning, Sainyam Galhotra (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  8. Schema Evolution in Hybrid Databases Systems, Maxime Gobert (University of Namur)
  9. Resilient and Scalable Architecture for Permissioned Blockchain Fabrics, Suyash Gupta (University of California Davis)
  10. Efficient and Scalable Aggregate Computation on Temporal Graphs, Vincent Le Claire (University of Augsburg)
  11. Extended Provenance Management for Data Science Applications, Tanja Auge (University of Rostock)
  12. Unsupervised Subsequence Anomaly Detection in Large Sequences, Paul Boniol (Universite de Paris)
  13. Elastic Query Processing on Function as a Service Platforms, Thomas Bodner (Hasso Plattner Institute)

Industrial Track

  1. PyTorch Distributed: Experiences on Accelerating Data Parallel Training, Shen Li (Facebook AI Applied Research)*; Yanli Zhao (Facebook); Rohan Varma (Facebook); Omkar Salpekar (Facebook); Pieter Noordhuis (Facebook); Teng Li (Facebook); Adam Paszke (University of Warsaw); Jeff Smith (Facebook); Brian Vaughan (Facebook); Pritam Damania (Facebook); Soumith Chintala (Facebook)
  2. Towards Multi-way Join Aware Optimizer in SAP HANA, Sungheun Wi (SAP Labs Korea); Wook-Shin Han (POSTECH)*; Chuho Chang (SAP Labs Korea); Kihong Kim (SAP Labs Korea)
  3. InvaliDB: Scalable Push-Based Real-Time Queries on Top of Pull-Based Databases (Extended), Wolfram Wingerath (Baqend)*; Felix Gessert (Universität Hamburg); Norbert Ritter (Universität Hamburg)
  4. Automated Generation of Materialized Views in Oracle, Rafi Ahmed (Oracle Corporation)*; Randall Bello (Oracle Corporation); Andrew Witkowski (Oracle Corporation); Praveen Kumar (Oracle Corporation)
  5. Native JSON Datatype Support: Maturing SQL and NoSQL convergence in Oracle Database, Zhen Hua Liu (Oracle)*; Beda Hammerschmidt (Oracle); Douglas McMahon (oracle); Hui Chang (oracle); Ying Lu (Oracle); Josh Spiegel (oracle); Alfonso Colunga Sosa (oracle); srikrishnan suresh (oracle); Geeta Arora (oracle); vikas Arora (oracle)
  6. TiDB: A Raft-based HTAP Database, Dongxu Huang (PingCAP); Qi Liu (PingCAP); Qiu Cui (PingCAP); Zhuhe Fang (PingCAP)*; Xiaoyu Ma (PingCAP); Fei Xu (PingCAP); Li Shen (PingCAP); Liu Tang (PingCAP); Yuxing Zhou (PingCAp); Menglong Huang (PingCAP); Wan Wei (PingCAP); Cong Liu (PingCAP); Jian Zhang (PingCAP); Jianjun Li (PingCAP); Xuelian Wu (PingCAP); Lingyu Song (PingCAP); Ruoxi Sun (PingCAP); Shuaipeng Yu (PingCAP); Lei Zhao (PingCAP); Nicholas Cameron (PingCAP); Liquan Pei (PingCAP); Xin Tang (PingCAP)
  7. A system design for elastically scaling transaction processing engines in virtualized servers, Angelos Christos Anadiotis (Ecole Polytechnique)*; Raja Appuswamy (EURECOM); Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL); Ilan Bronshtein (Huawei Technologies, Gauss Database Labs, European Research Institute); Hillel Avni (Huawei Technologies, Gauss Database Labs, European Research Institute); David Dominguez-Sal (Huawei Technologies, Gauss Database Labs, European Research Institute); Shay Goikhman (Huawei Technologies, Gauss Database Labs, European Research Institute); Eliezer Levy (Huawei Research Center)
  8. Industrial Strength OLTP Using Main Memory and Many Cores, Hillel Avni (Huawei Technologies, Gauss Database Labs, European Research Institute)*; Alisher Aliev (Huawei); Oren Amor (Huawei); Aharon Avitzur (Huawei); Ilan Bronshtein (Huawei Technologies, Gauss Database Labs, European Research Institute); Eli Ginot (Huawei); Shay Goikhman (Huawei Technologies, Gauss Database Labs, European Research Institute); Eliezer Levy (Huawei Research Center); Idan Levy (Huawei); Fuyang Lu (Huawei); Liran Mishali (Huawei); Yeqin Mo (Huawei); Nir Pachter (Huawei); Dima Sivov (Huawei); Vinoth Veeraraghavan (Huawei Technologies); Vladi Vexler (Huawei); Lei Wang (Huawei); Peng Wang (Huawei)
  9. Asymmetric-Partition Replication for Highly Scalable Distributed Transaction Processing in Practice , Juchang Lee (SAP, Seoul); Hyejeong Lee (SAP); Seongyun Ko (POSTECH); Kyu Hwan Kim (SAP); Mihnea ANDREI (SAP SE); Friedrich Keller (SAP); Wook-Shin Han (POSTECH)*
  10. AGL: A Scalable System for Industrial-purpose Graph Machine Learning, Dalong Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group); Xin Huang (Ant Financial Services Group); ziqi liu (Ant Financial Services Group); Jun Zhou (Ant Financial)*; Zhiyang Hu (Ant Financial Services Group); Xianzheng Song (Ant Financial Services Group); Zhibang Ge (Ant Financial); Lin Wang (); Zhiqiang Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group); Yuan Qi (Ant Financial Services Group)
  11. LedgerDB: A Centralized Ledger Database for Universal Audit and Verification, Xinying Yang (Ant Financial Services Group)*; Yuan Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group); Sheng Wang (Alibaba Group); Benquan Yu (Ant Financial Services Group); Feifei Li (Alibaba Group); Yize Li (Ant Financial Services Group); Wenyuan Yan (Ant Financial Services Group)
  12. AnalyticDB-V: A Hybrid Analytical Engine Towards Query Fusion for Structured and Unstructured Data, Chuangxian Wei (Alibaba); Bin Wu (Alibaba)*; Sheng Wang (Alibaba Group); Renjie Lou (Alibaba); Chaoqun Zhan (Alibaba Inc.); Feifei Li (Alibaba Group); Yuanzhe Cai (Alibaba Group)
  13. Oracle AutoML: A Fast and Predictive AutoML Pipeline, Anatoly Yakovlev (Oracle Labs)*; Hesam Fathi Moghadam (Oracle Labs); Ali Moharrer (Oracle Labs); Jingxiao Cai (Oracle Labs); Nikan Chavoshi (Oracle Labs); Venkatanathan Varadarajan (Oracle Labs); Sandeep Agrawal (Oracle Labs); Tomas Karnagel (Oracle Labs); Sam Idicula (Oracle Labs); Sanjay Jinturkar (Oracle Labs); Nipun Agarwal (Oracle America (Oracle Labs))
  14. Monarch: Google’s Planet-Scale In-Memory Time Series Database, Colin Adams (Google); Luis Alonso (Google); Benjamin Atkin (Google); John Banning (Google); Sumeer Bhola (Google); Rick Buskens (Google); Ming Chen (Google)*; Xi Chen (Google); Yoo Chung (Google); Qin Jia (Google); Nick Sakharov (Google); George Talbot (Google); Nick Taylor (Google); Adam Tart (Google)
  15. Concurrent Updates to Pages with Fixed-Size rows Using Lock-Free Algorithms, raghavendra thallam kodandaramaih (Microsoft)*; Hanuma Kodavalla (Microsoft); Girish Venkataramanappa (Microsoft)
  16. POLARIS: The Distributed SQL Engine in Azure Synapse, Josep Aguilar Saborit (Microsoft)*; Raghu Ramakrishnan (Microsoft)
  17. MyRocks: LSM-Tree Database Storage Engine Serving Facebook’s Social Graph, Yoshinori Matsunobu (Facebook)*; Siying Dong (Facebook); Herman Lee (Facebook)
  18. Helios: Hyperscale Indexing for the Cloud & Edge, Rahul Potharaju (Microsoft)*; Terry Kim (Microsoft); Wentao Wu (Microsoft Research); Vidip Acharya (Microsoft); Steve Suh (Microsoft); Andrew Fogarty (Microsoft); Apoorve Dave (Microsoft); Sinduja Ramanujam (Microsoft); Tomas Talius (Microsoft); Lev Novik (Microsoft); Raghu Ramakrishnan (Microsoft)
  19. Replication at the Speed of Change – a Fast, Scalable Replication Solution for Near Real-Time HTAP Processing, Dennis Butterstein (IBM)*; Daniel Martin (IBM); Knut Stolze (IBM); Felix Beier (IBM Germany Research & Development GmbH); Jia Zhong (IBM); Lingyun Wang (IBM)
  20. Exploiting Domain Knowledge to address Multi-Class Imbalance and a Heterogeneous Feature Space in Classification Tasks for Manufacturing Data, Vitali Hirsch (Daimler Trucks AG)*; Peter Reimann (Graduate School advanced Manufacturing Engineering); Bernhard Mitschang (University of Stuttgart)
  21. Alibaba Hologres: A Cloud-Native Service for Hybrid Serving/Analytical Processing, Xiaowei Jiang (Alibaba Group)*; Yuejun Hu (Alibaba Group); Yu Xiang (Alibaba Group); Guangran Jiang (Alibaba Group); Xiaojun Jin (Alibaba Group); Chen Xia (Alibaba Group); Weihua Jiang (Alibaba Group); Jun Yu (Alibaba Group); Haitao Wang (Alibaba Group); Yuan Jiang (Alibaba Group); Jihong Ma (Alibaba Group); Li Su (Alibaba Group); Kai Zeng (Alibaba, China)
  22. DIAMetrics: Benchmarking Query Engines at Scale, Anja Gruenheid (Google Inc.)*; Shaleen Deep (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Kruthi Nagaraj (Google Inc.); Hiro Naito (Google Inc.); Jeff Naughton (Google); Stratis Viglas (University of Edinburgh)
  23. Db2 Event Store: A Purpose-Built IoT Database Engine, Christian Garcia-Arellano (IBM Canada)*; Adam Storm (IBM Analytics); David Kalmuk (IBM Analytics); Hamdi Roumani (IBM Analytics); Ronald Barber (IBM Research); Yuanyuan Tian (IBM Almaden); Richard Sidle (IBM); Fatma Ozcan (IBM Research - Almaden); Matthew Spilchen (IBM Analytics); Josh Tiefenbach (IBM Analytics); Daniel Zilio (IBM Analytics); Lan Pham (IBM Analytics); Kostas Rakopoulos (IBM Analytics); Alexander Cheung (IBM Analytics); Darren Pepper (IBM Canada); Imran Sayyid (IBM Analytics); Gidon Gershinsky (IBM Research); Gal Lushi (IBM Research); Hamid Pirahesh (IBM Research)
  24. F1 Lightning: HTAP as a Service, Jiacheng Yang (Google, LLC)*; Ian Rae (Google); Jun Xu (Google, LLC); Jeff Shute (Google, LLC); Zhan Yuan (Google, LLC); Kelvin Lau (Google); Qiang Zeng (Google, LLC); Xi Zhao (Google, LLC); Jun Ma (Google, LLC); Ziyang Chen (Google, LLC); Yuan Gao (Google, LLC); Qilin Dong (Google, LLC); Junxiong Zhou (Google, LLC); Jeremy Wood (Google, LLC); Goetz Graefe (Google); Jeff Naughton (Google); John Cieslewicz (Google, LLC)
  25. AutoToken: Predicting Peak Parallelism for Big Data Analytics at Microsoft, Rathijit Sen (Microsoft)*; Alekh Jindal (Microsoft); Hiren Patel (Microsoft); Shi Qiao (Microsoft)
  26. A Drop-in Middleware for Serializable DB Clustering across Geo-distributed Sites, Enrique Saurez (Georgia Institute of Technology)*; Bharath Balasubramanian (ATT Labs ); Richard Schlichting (United States Naval Academy); Brendan Tschaen (ATT Labs); Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath Narayanan (ATT Labs); Zhe Huang (ATT Labs); Umakishore Ramachandran (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  27. Improving Reproducibility of Data Science Pipelines through Transparent Provenance Capture, Lukas Rupprecht (IBM Research - Almaden)*; James Davis (Virginia Tech); Constantine Arnold (IBM Research - Almaden); Yaniv Gur (IBM Research); Deepavali Bhagwat (IBM Research - Almaden)
  28. Conversational BI: An Ontology-Driven ConversationSystem for Business Intelligence Applications, Abdul Quamar (IBM Research Almaden)*; Fatma Ozcan (IBM Research - Almaden); Dorian Miller (IBM Watson Health); Robert Moore (IBM Research - Almaden); Rebecca Niehus (IBM Watson Health); Jeffrey Kreulen (IBM Watson Health)
  29. Magnet: Push-based Shuffle Service for Large-scale Data Processing, Min Shen (LinkedIn)*; Ye Zhou (LinkedIn); Chandni Singh (LinkedIn)
  30. Leveraging Organizational Resources to Adapt Models to New Data Modalities, Sahaana Suri (Stanford )*; Abishek Sethi (Google); Girija Narlikar (Google); Neslihan Bulut (Google); Raghuveer Chanda (Google); Sugato Basu (Google Inc); Pradyumna Narayana (Google); Peter Bailis (Stanford University); Christopher Re (Stanford University); Yemao Zeng (Google)
  31. Delta Lake: High-Performance ACID Table Storage over Cloud Object Stores, Michael Armbrust (Databricks); Tathagata Das (Databricks); Sameer Paranjpye (Databricks); Reynold Xin (Databricks); Shixiong Zhu (Databricks); Ali Ghodsi (Databricks); Burak Yavuz (Databricks); Mukul Murthy (Databricks); Joseph Torres (Databricks); Liwen Sun (Databricks); Peter Boncz (CWI); Mostafa Mokhtar (Databricks); Herman van Hovell (Databricks); Adrian Ionescu (Databricks); Alicja Luszczak (Databricks); Michal Switakowski (Databricks); Takuya Ueshin (Databricks); Xiao Li (Databricks); Michal Szafranski (Databricks); Pieter Senster (Databricks); Matei Zaharia (Stanford and Databricks)*

Demo Track

  1. Demand-based Sensor Data Gathering with Multi-Query Optimization, Julius Hülsmann (Technische Universität Berlin)*; Jonas Traub (Technische Universität Berlin); Volker Markl (Technische Universität Berlin)
  2. CheetahVIS: A Visual Analytical System for Large Urban Bus Data, Wentao Ning (Southern University of Science and Technology); Qiandong Tang (Southern University of Science and Technology); Yi Zhao (Southern University of Science and Technology); Chuan Yang (Southern University of Science and Technology); Xiaofeng Wang (Southern University of Science and Technology); Teng Wang (Southern University of Science and Technology); Haotian Liu (Southern University of Science and Technology); Chaozu Zhang (Southern University of Science and Technology); Zhiyuan Zhou (Southern University of Science and Technology); Qiaomu Shen (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Bo Tang (Southern University of Science and Technology)*
  3. UNMASQUE: A Hidden SQL Query Extractor, Kapil Khurana (Indian Institute of Science); Jayant Haritsa (Indian Institute of Science)*
  4. G3: When Graph Neural Networks Meet Parallel Graph Processing Systems on GPUs, Husong Liu (National University of Singapore); Shengliang Lu (National University of Singapore)*; Xinyu Chen (National University of Singapore); Bingsheng He (National University of Singapore)
  5. PiBench Online: Interactive Benchmarking of Persistent Memory Indexes, Xiangpeng Hao (Simon Fraser University)*; Lucas Lersch (TU Dresden); Tianzheng Wang (Simon Fraser University); Ismail Oukid (Snowflake Computing)
  6. VisClean: Interactive Cleaning for Progressive Visualization, Yuyu Luo (Tsinghua University); Chengliang Chai (Tsinghua University); Xuedi Qin (Tsinghua University); Nan Tang (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU); Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University)*
  7. IMO: A Toolbox for Simulating and Querying ``Infected’’ Moving Objects, Jianqiu Xu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)*; Hua Lu (Aalborg University); Zhifeng Bao (RMIT University)
  8. COUNTATA: Dataset Labeling Using Pattern Counts, Yuval Moskovitch (University of Michigan)*; H. V. Jagadish (University of Michigan)
  9. A Demonstration of Willump: A Statistically-Aware End-to-end Optimizer for Machine Learning Inference, Peter Kraft (Stanford University)*; Daniel Kang (Stanford University); Deepak Narayanan (Stanford); Shoumik Palkar (Stanford); Peter D Bailis (Stanford University); Matei Zaharia (Stanford and Databricks)
  10. in Action: Towards Automatic Feasibility Analysis for Machine Learning Application Development, Cedric Renggli (ETH Zurich)*; Luka Rimanic (ETH Zurich); Luka Kolar (ETH Zurich); Wentao Wu (Microsoft Research); Ce Zhang (ETH)
  11. DeepTrack: Monitoring and Exploring Spatio-Temporal Data – A Case of Tracking COVID-19 –, Yuyu Luo (Tsinghua University); Wenbo Li (清华大学); Tianyu Zhao (Tsinghua University); Xiang Yu (Tsinghua University); Lixi Zhang (Tsinghua University); Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University)*; Nan Tang (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU)
  12. DF-Toolkit: Interacting with Low-Level Database Storage, James M Wagner (DePaul University)*; Alexander Rasin (DePaul University); Karen Heart (DePaul University); Tanu Malik (DePaul University); Jonathan Grier (Grier Forensics)
  13. Like Water and Oil: With a Proper Emulsifier, Query Compilation and Data Parallelism Will Mix Well, Henning Funke (TU Dortmund University); Jens Teubner (TU Dortmund University)*
  14. SQUARES : A SQL Synthesizer Using Query Reverse Engineering, Pedro Orvalho (INESC-ID)*; Miguel Terra-Neves (); Miguel Ventura (OutSystems); Ruben Martins (CMU); Vasco Manquinho (INESC-ID/IST, Universidade de Lisboa)
  15. SuccinctEdge: A Succinct RDF Store for Edge Computing, Weiqin Xu (UP); Olivier CURE (UPEM)*; Philippe Calvez (ENGIE)
  16. SuDocu: Summarizing Documents by Example, Anna Fariha (University of Massachusetts Amherst)*; Matteo Brucato (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Peter Haas (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Alexandra Meliou (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  17. CONCIERGE: Improving Constrained Search Results by Data Melioration, Ido Guy (eBay Research); Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University); Slava Novgorodov (eBay Research)*; Brit Youngmann (Tel Aviv Univesity)
  18. Demonstrating the Voice-Based Exploration of Large Data Sets with CiceroDB-Zero, Immanuel Trummer (Cornell University)*
  19. FASTS: A Satisfaction-Boosting Bus Scheduling Assistant, Songsong Mo (Wuhan University)*; Zhifeng Bao (RMIT University); Baihua Zheng (Singapore Management University); Zhiyong Peng (“ Wuhan University, China”)
  20. Vaas: Video Analytics At Scale, Favyen Bastani (MIT CSAIL)*; Oscar Moll (MIT CSAIL); Samuel Madden (MIT)
  21. sPaQLTooLs: A Stochastic Package Query Interface for Scalable Constrained Optimization, Matteo Brucato (University of Massachusetts Amherst)*; Miro Mannino (New York University Abu Dhabi); Azza Abouzied (New York University Abu Dhabi); Peter Haas (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Alexandra Meliou (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  22. ActiveDeeper: A Model-based Active Data Enrichment System, Liang Zhao (Xi’an Jiaotong University)*; Qingcan Li (Simon Fraser University); Pei Wang (Simon Fraser University); Jiannan Wang (Simon Fraser University); Eugene Wu (Columbia University)
  23. RDFFrames: Knowledge Graph Access for Machine Learning Tools, Aisha Mohamed (Qatar Computing Research Institute); Ghadeer Abuoda (HBKU); Abdurrahman I E E Ghanem (Qatar Computing Research Institute ); Zoi Kaoudi (TU Berlin)*; Ashraf Aboulnaga (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU)
  24. Scalable, Resilient and Configurable Permissioned Blockchain Fabric, Sajjad Rahnama (University of California Davis); Suyash Gupta (University of California Davis)*; Thamir Qadah (Purdue University); Jelle Hellings (University of California Davis); Mohammad Sadoghi (University of California, Davis)
  25. BIRDS: Programming view update strategies in Datalog, Van-Dang Tran (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI)*; Hiroyuki Kato (National Institute of Informatics (NII)); Zhenjiang Hu (National Institute of Informatics (NII))
  26. Apache IoTDB: Time-series database for Internet of Things, Chen Wang (“ Tsinghua University, China”); Huang Xiangdong (Tsinghua University)*; Jialin Qiao (Tsinghua University); Jianmin Wang (Tsinghua University); Jiaguang Sun (Tsinghua University); Kevin McGrail (; Julian Feinauer (pragmatic industries); Jinrui Zhang (Microsoft); Peng Wang (“ Fudan University, China”); Jinrui Zhang (Microsoft); Rong Kang (Tsinghua Unviersity); Tian Jiang (Tsinghua University); Lei Rui (Tsinghua University); Jun Yuan (Tsinghua University)
  27. Evaluating Ridesharing Algorithms using the Jargo Real-Time Stochastic Simulator, James J Pan (Tsinghua University)*; Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University); Yong Wang (Tsinghua University)
  28. BitFun: Fast Answers to Queries with Tunable Functions in Geospatial Array DBMS, Ramon Antonio Rodriges Zalipynis (National Research University Higher School of Economics)*
  29. SPHINX: A System for Metapath-based Entity Exploration in Heterogeneous Information Networks, Serafeim Chatzopoulos (Univ. of the Peloponnese); Kostas Patroumpas (Athena Research Center); Alexandros Zeakis (Athena Research Center); Thanasis Vergoulis (Athena Research Center); Dimitrios Skoutas (Athena Research Center)*
  30. ExplainED: Explanations for EDA Notebooks, Daniel Deutch (Tel Aviv University); Amir Gilad (Tel Aviv University); Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University); Amit Somech (Tel Aviv Univesity)*
  31. MuSe: Multiple Deletion Semantics for Data Repair, Amir Gilad (Tel Aviv University)*; Yihao Hu (Duke University); Daniel Deutch (Tel Aviv University); Sudeepa Roy (Duke University, USA)
  32. Tabula in Action: A Sampling Middleware for Interactive Geospatial Visualization Dashboards, Jia Yu (Arizona State University)*; Kanchan Chowdhury (Arizona State University); Mohamed Sarwat (Arizona State University)
  33. X^2R^2: a Tool for Explainable and Explorative Reidentification Risk Analysis, Tom Rolandus Hagedoorn (Eurecat); Rohit Kumar (Eurecat)*; Francesco Bonchi (ISI Foundation, Turin)
  34. Obi-Wan: Ontology-Based RDF Integration of Heterogeneous Data, Maxime Buron (Inria and LIX (UMR 7161, CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique))*; François Goasdoué (U. Rennes 1); Ioana Manolescu (INRIA and Institut Polytechnique de Paris); Marie-Laure Mugnier (University of Montpellier)
  35. CrocodileDB in Action: Resource-Efficient Query Execution by Exploiting Time Slackness, Dixin Tang (University of Chicago)*; Zechao Shang (University of Chicago); Aaron J Elmore (University of Chicago); Sanjay Krishnan (UChicago); Michael Franklin (University of Chicago)
  36. GraphAn: Graph-based Subsequence Anomaly Detection, Paul Boniol (Université de Paris)*; Themis Palpanas (University of Paris); Mohammed Meftah (EDF R&D); Emmanuel Remy (EDF R&D)
  37. LMFAO: An Engine for Batches of Group-By Aggregates, Maximilian Schleich (University of Washington)*; Dan Olteanu (University of Zurich)
  38. ESTOCADA: Towards Scalable Polystore Systems, Rana Alotaibi (University of California, San Diego)*; Bogdan Cautis (University of Paris-Saclay); Alin Deutsch (UCSD); Moustafa Latrache (Inria & Institut Polytechnique de Paris); Ioana Manolescu (INRIA and Institut Polytechnique de Paris); Yifei Yang (University of California, San Diego )
  39. Demonstration of Interactive Runtime Debugging of Distributed Dataflows in Texera, Zuozhi Wang (U C IRVINE)*; Avinash Kumar (U C IRVINE); Shengquan Ni (U C Irvine); Chen Li (UC Irvine)
  40. DeepTRANS: A Deep Learning System for Public Bus Travel Time Estimation using Traffic Forecasting, Luan V Tran (University of Southern California)*; Min Young Mun (University of Southern California); Matthew Lim (University of Southern California); Jonah Yamato (University of Southern California); Nathan Huh (University of Southern California); Cyrus Shahabi (Computer Science Department. University of Southern California)
  41. Demonstration of ScroogeDB: Getting More Bang For the Buck with Deterministic Approximation in the Cloud, Saehan Jo (Cornell University)*; Jialing Pei (Cornell University); Immanuel Trummer (Cornell)
  42. Scrutinizer: Fact Checking Statistical Claims, Georgios Karagiannis (Cornell); Mohammed Saeed (Eurecom); Paolo Papotti (Eurecom)*; Immanuel Trummer (Cornell University)
  43. SciLens News Platform: A System for Real-Time Evaluation of News Articles, Angelika Romanou (EPFL)*; Panayiotis Smeros (EPFL); Carlos Castillo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra); Karl Aberer (EPFL)
  44. HDAG-Explorer: A System for Hierarchical DAG Summarization and Exploration, Xuliang Zhu (Hong Kong Baptist University); Xin Huang (Hong Kong Baptist University)*; Jinbin Huang (Hong Kong Baptist University); Byron Choi (Hong Kong Baptist University); Jianliang Xu (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  45. Orca-SR: A Real-Time Traffic Engineering Framework leveraging Similarity Joins, Jees Augustine (The University of Texas at Arlington)*; Suraj Shetiya (The University of Texas at Arlington); Abolfazl Asudeh (University of Illinois at Chicago); Saravanan Thirumuruganathan (QCRI); Azade Nazi (Google Brain); Nan Zhang (American University); Gautam Das (U. of Texas Arlington); Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Research)
  46. nKV in Action: Accelerating KV-Stores on NativeComputational Storage with Near-Data Processing, Tobias Vincon (Reutlingen University); Lukas Weber (TU Darmstadt); Arthur Bernhard (Reutlingen University); Andreas Koch (TU Darmstadt); Ilia Petrov (Reutlingen University)*; Christian Knoedler (Reutlingen University); Sergey Hardock (Technische Universität Darmstadt); Sajjad Tamimi (TU Darmstadt); Christian Riegger (Reutlingen University)
  47. Demonstration of Inferring Causality from Relational Databases with CaRL, Moe Kayali (University of Washington)*; Babak Salimi (University of Washington); Dan Suciu (University of Washington)
  48. SQL for Data Scientists: Designing SQL Tutorials for Scalable Online Teaching, Uwe Roehm (The University of Sydney)*; Lexi Brent (University of Sydney); Tim Dawborn (Grok Learning); Bryn Jeffries (Grok Learning)
  49. Debugging Large-Scale Data Science Pipelines using Dagger, El Kindi Rezig (MIT)*; Ashrita Brahmaroutu (Intel); Nesime Tatbul (Intel Labs and MIT); Mourad Ouzzani (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU); Nan Tang (Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU); Timothy Mattson (Intel); Samuel Madden (MIT); Michael Stonebraker (MIT)
  50. I-Rex: An Interactive Relational Query Explainer for SQL, Zhengjie Miao (Duke University)*; Tiangang Chen (Duke University); Alexander Bendeck (Duke University); Kevin Day (Duke University); Sudeepa Roy (Duke University, USA); Jun Yang (Duke University)
  51. PANDA: Policy-aware Location Privacy for Epidemic Surveillance, Yang Cao (Kyoto University)*; Shun Takagi (Kyoto University); Yonghui Xiao (Google); Li Xiong (Emory University); Masatoshi Yoshikawa (Kyoto University)