VLDB 2020 Tokyo 46th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

VLDB2020: Overivew

VLDB is a premier annual international forum for data management and database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users. The VLDB 2020 conference will feature research talks, tutorials, demonstrations, and workshops. It will cover issues in data management, database and information systems research, since they are the technological cornerstones of the emerging applications of the 21st century.

VLDB 2020 will take place in Tokyo, Japan Online, from Monday, August 31th to Friday, September 4th, 2020.

VLDB 2020: Organizer

  • VLDB 2020 Organizing Committee
  • Chair: Hiroyuki Kitagawa (University of Tsukuba) Office Address:
  • 1-2 Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
  • 305-8550, Japan


  • Database Society of Japan (DBSJ)

VLDB 2020: Venue

Due to COVID-19, the VLDB Conference 2020 will be held as an online virtual conference.